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You can't track down all of the racketeering streamers, but you can track down a list I compiled of EVERY SINGLE TWITCH IP ADDRESS... Happy Groundhog's Day! :)

Capture cards save lives... I wouldn't recommend buying one though. It uploaded a bloater to my 100% offline machine, so now I have to reimage. I found an antenna file, which wasn't there before, in the root proc directory, too.

Here's a little clip of PVP'ing (~14:40 1/6/24 CST) to get transmutes to nirn a bow on ESO... Killin' time until my settlement... I'm using a capture card which takes the video feed from my PS4 to my offline PC, because I'm having trouble with stream snipers on Twitch.

I introduced a new variant of the build to hit waaayy harder, but it's squishier. Unfortunately, the battleground in which I tested it smelled like bologna to me... You be the judge... This battleground occurred at ~00:00 1/9/24 CST. I use a capture card from my PS4 to my offline PC.

In case you're wondering what the delay is all about, check these two videos out...

Shadow of the Mountain™ early release alpha coming soon for Windows and Debian Linux...

Upcoming features in coming months below:

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Check out this trailer for a demo that will be uploaded soon

Check out this code overview from the livestream earlier today (9.6.23)

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