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Gettin' down on some Diablo 2, baby...

My PS4 got bricked by some salty hacker, but here are clips from my characters on a new ESO account

I'm doing a playthrough of Baldur's Gate I and II, with the trilogy mod installed ++ a ton of other mods.

Occasionally, I upload a video of Age of Wonders 3.

This Zangief really wanted to humble me. Download or stream below:

You can't track down all of the racketeering stream snipers, but you can track down a list I compiled of EVERY SINGLE TWITCH IP ADDRESS... Happy Groundhog's Day! :)

In case you're wondering what the delay is all about, check these two videos out...

Shadow of the Mountain™ release for Windows and Debian Linux coming November or December, 2025...

Upcoming features in coming months below:

Check out this trailer for a demo that will be uploaded soon

Check out this code overview from the livestream earlier today (9.6.23)

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