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Check it out, it's just like real life:

Just wait until the steel mystery episode and the doppleganger episode... I returned with fireballs this time:

Episode 3 at the bandit camp. I finally beat it. Download here or stream below:

Off to the Cloakwood (download episode 8 of the Enhanced Edition Trilogy Mod+++++ here), or stream below:

This one has backstabs that will TERRIFY your grandmother. It's like a full-length feature film. Are you kidding me, right now? It features Tarbal? Shut up and give me your money! Download from that link or stream below:

This one will make your skin crawl as it parallels real life in North America.

I'm beating a dead horse on this one, but this parallels real life too. Evil stalker-homos beware... :)

This one is outrageous. An evil bitch queen kills a child, and the bar scene gets out of control!

Who is behind the iron and steel shortage? I actually made this almost a week ago, but I didn't upload it until now, because I didn't want people knowing where I was headed [see end].

Here is a longy to hit a tetris -- it's four hours! It's way too long for my enemies to suffer through. Mhuahahahahaha...

Here is a relatively short playthrough, where I escape the astral prison. I slapped my face on this one, and played in windowed mode, because I'm sick of imitating-loserish personality types.

The Werewolf Island video was lost, due to a game crash, but here is the clip of the fight with the Werewolf pack leader and a later encounter with Drizzt.

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