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Shadow of the Mountain™ coming Christmas of 2025 (release has been delayed, due to difficulties in processing payments and porting to Godot) for Windows and Debian Linux...

  • Open, online, 3D world
  • PVP and PVE
  • Action and adventure
  • Small scale medieval warfare
  • Three weapon types
  • Hundreds of unique weapons and armor with dozens of art designs
  • Extra unlockable special abilities
  • Dungeon crawling excitement
  • Content progression

I'm a little terrified to release it on Steam, since they won't give me my old account back. I'm not sure if I trust them anymore.

I am going to sell the final complete bug-tested version here via custom payment processing on a physical server. I'm releasing a custom browser with custom certificates soon. Keep an eye on my Github. The game has been delayed even further, due to porting from Unity to Godot. I'd rather not have to pay royalties, especially due to the recent scandal with the CEO at Unity. Plus, various bugs creep in the Unity version through the filthy internet.

Physical game system, coming eventually -- under $199, including some classic games with lobby/matchmaking for multiplayer...

Check out this preview of Shadow of the Mountain™, coming December 2025

Capture™ coming December, 2024

Check out this game I made with some folks at Global Game Jam 2020 one weekend in Austin, TX called Sed County. Check out the original release here. Windows only. It gives an example of some of my AI.

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